MuCangChai to Hagiang limestone Karst

Start: 12.Sept.2018 | 25Sep: Open
This is an adventure trip up to KhauPha and TramTon, the most beautiful mountain passes in Vietnam. Rich and colorful culture of the Hmong people...
$USD 2,500$US 2,250

Cycling northwest Vietnam – Best mountain scenery 10 days

Start 12.Sept; 18.Mar
Cycling northwest Vietnam – Taking the long road through the northwest, traveler enter a remote land of mountains and colorful tribes...
$USD 2,350$USD 2,000

Cycling Ho Chi Minh Trail

Start: 20.Sept: Booked: 4. Space left: 4.
Cycling the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail, and following the World Heritage road PhongNha national park, historical DMZ area, Hue royal citadel and...
$US 2,050$US 1,740

Cycling Vietnam to Laos

Start 20.Nov; 15. Jan; 08.Mar
Trip for sportive cyclist who love to see your HR go up and down along the mountain pass. There are some tough day before and after DienBienPhu...
$USD 2,600$US 2,340

Cycling northeast Vietnam

Sept 2018 to May 2020
Cycling northeast Vietnam – Discover the lakes, rivers, waterfalls and caves in Ba Be national park, and Cao Bang surroundings. This is the...
$USD 1,325

Cycling north Vietnam – Visit HaGiang Karst mountains

Taking the long road through the North West traverlleres enter a remote land of mountains and colorful tribes people whose songs of love ring out...
$USD 2,350